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04 May 2019  Silver Spring, MD


What is HEALfest?



We live in a society that is blinded by false reality, likes over love, followers over faith, views over vision, and selfies over self-worth. Wouldn't it be DOPE to disconnect from it all and prioritize our healing and internal success?

HEALfest is a holistic healing experience, hosted by Portia Richardson aka Purpose Coach Portia, A Certified Life & Wellness Coach from Washington, DC. Portia's vision for HEALfest is consistent with her desire to bring light to the importance of self-care and overall holistic wellness in a social-media driven society that is often disconnected from internal healing and focused solely on external success.

HEALfest is the ultimate UN-CONFERENCE. It is interactive, discussion-based, and personalized. Attendees will choose their own session agenda for the day! No matter where you are in your holistic healing journey, HEALfest is for you!

Purpose Coach Portia

Portia Richardson
HEALfest Curator & Certified Life Coach 


Authentic experts willing to share their life changing stories.
Honest Discussions, Active Participation & Personalized Agendas 

Tel: 202-855-3630

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